About FLO

Ella Braitman was born in Moscow, 1972. Since she grew up in communist Russia, and that period of history was known for the severe deficiency in what to wear, at the age of 12 Ella started to create her own clothes, and by the age 15, almost all the clothes she was wearing were made by her.
At the age 15 Ella started to learn at the College of Design & Theatre in Moscow, which was the only one of this kind in all Russia, she was studying to become a Costume Designer for theatre.
In 1991 she and her family moved to Israel, and in 1993 Ella started to attend Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, which she graduated at 1997.
Flo by Ella Braitman was established in 2006 (it was called Goya back then) by Ella Braitman and Issey Shalev, her partner till today.
Their first performance of the collection was in Berlin, at Bread&Butter exhibition, where the first collection was accepted with triumph.
Flo by Ella Braitman stands for uncompromising quality, high-end clothes for women which accompany women for different occasions.
We use only Italian and Japanese fabrics, and most of our clothes are made in the studio in Jaffa, others are made in Israel.
16 Yehuda Margoza Street, Jaffa, Israel
16 Yehuda Margoza Street, Jaffa, Israel